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Data Science, Analytics & Consultation

Intrics uses the latest data technologies and techniques to help retailers quickly see local market trends and make immediate business decisions to maximize customer value.

Retail Data Science, Analytics and Consultation

Intrics provides the most accurate retail data analytics & insights to help you make smarter, timely, data-driven decisions

Everything about the retail industry is changing at a remarkable pace. Because of this, keeping up with the latest data and analytics can sometimes feel overwhelming for a small business to handle on its own.

The fundamentals of a successful market strategy are still there—customer experience, convenience, and pricing. However, customers are looking for more out of their grocery experience. Now, retailers must also consider entirely new and unfamiliar ways of allowing their customers to engage with their brand, stores, and products to stay competitive.

Backed by decades of retail expertise, Intrics uses the latest data analysis tools. We pay attention to market trends across the U.S. and match them to our customers’ needs. Our unique tool equips retailers with actionable insights to quickly and efficiently maximize their competitiveness.

Intrics has the most advanced data science techniques on the market. Our analytics tool lets retailers compare their product catalogs within their DMA against top competitors. These insights let our retailers quickly see local market trends and make immediate business decisions, directly enhancing their customers’ experience, maximizing ROI, increasing efficiency, and creating more innovation in their product offerings and services.

Our Solutions

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