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Navigate our real-time circular database to get the full context you need on every retailer, promotion, and product in the market to take the right action at the right time.

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Find the circulars that matter most to you.

Every week, Intrics is scraping every ad in every US market for the top 77 banners in the country representing more than 42,000 stores and 63% of the entire US grocery retail market. We ensure every circular is attributed with ad break dates, end dates, location, and dozens of other characteristics that make them easily searchable. With simple to use filters, you can quickly access images of competitor circulars and data on the products contained therein.

Our use of in-store auditors ensures every UPC associated to an ad block is reported back, even if it was mentioned only as a “select variety” on the ad. With hundreds of flyers being collected every week, and the ability to download images and data, our circular intelligence platform saves you time by leading you right to the circulars that matter most to you.

Unparalleled visibility into the promotional strategy of an item.

Because Intrics has access to hundreds of in-field research associates, our circular intelligence goes deeper than what’s printed on the ad block. Pairing in-store audits with circular data allows for thorough cataloging of all the UPCs being represented in a circular. With item level details, such as a brand, manufacturer, descriptions, promotional types, and more, our searchable platform makes it easy to find all the ad blocks you care most about – no matter where they were promoted!

Search with confidence.

Your promotional strategy is complex and so are your competitors! In any given week, the average retailer runs 5 flyer variations in the same market. So, how do you ensure the circular intelligence you’re purchasing is actually capturing the most relevant variation? While our competitors randomly sample circulars, we take a more methodical approach. Every quarter we analyze the promotional strategy of every retailer in our dataset to ensure we’re only capturing the circular variations that are most common for every submarket.

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What our users say

Samantha J.,

CPG Brand Manager

As a CPG brand, it’s crucial for us to track retailer ad placements to ensure our products are prominently featured on front pages and make sure that our ad spend is being allocated properly. Intrics’ Circular Intelligence tool has transformed the way we approach this task. Thanks to Intrics, we’ve been able to maximize our promotional spend while continuing to build strong relationships with our retail partners, resulting in increased visibility and sales for our products.

Since implementing Intrics’ Circular Intelligence tool, we’ve seen a significant improvement in our marketing strategy. Intrics has become an integral part of our business, and we highly recommend it to anyone in the grocery industry.

The Circular Intelligence module has allowed us to analyze competitor promotions effortlessly and make strategic decisions based on real-time data. The platform as a whole has become an indispensable tool in our day-to-day operations, driving sales, and giving us a competitive edge.

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