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Our fully attributed master catalog of all items sold across the industry and country is at the core of our ability to provide the breadth and depth of insights on any item. With over 658 million data points being ingested weekly, discovering your next best seller is a click away.

Intrics helps your organization with

Product Discovery

Pricing Strategies

Assortment Planning

Ad Hoc Analysis

Competitive Index Tracking

Revenue Management

See it, Scan it, Understand it

You never know when you’ll encounter a new product, but with our mobile version of Product 360 you’ll always be ready to gain product insights even away from your desk. Simply scan an item’s barcode and instantly explore every dimension of a given product from pricing to market distribution to merchandising presence; a true 360 view of the product.

National Pricing Data

Getting a 360 view of a product means seeing it in all its dimensions. With weekly data collections occurring across the country, Product 360 shows you national trends across time, market and retailer.

Retailer Specific Trends

How does your pricing compare to your competitors? Product 360 equips you with invaluable insights into retailer positioning, allowing you to identify opportunities for competitive advantage. By comparing your price points to those of other retailers, you can fine-tune your pricing strategy and capitalize on market opportunities.

Explore Our Suite of Solutions

Price Intelligence

Effortlessly visualize your competitive pricing data, and gain insights to make informed decisions—it’s the power of pricing at your fingertips.

Circular Intelligence

Browse our promotional circular database to track, download and gain competitor insights that maximize your sales potential.

Product Matching

Connect your products to competitors for a direct one-to-one comparison. Get ready for vendor negotiations on pricing, marketing, and much more.

Intrics Intelligence Platform

Discover how our all-in-one suite of solutions provides robust insights for pricing, promotional, and assortment strategies – perfect for brands and retailers.

What our users say about Intric’s Product 360

Product 360 has been a game-changer for our business. Being able to see every dimension of a single product from a substantive national dataset makes a huge difference to giving us the competitive edge when planning out our promotional cycles.

Vendor Relationship Management has never been easier, thanks to Product 360. Comparing our price points to competitors has allowed us to negotiate better deals with our vendors because we are now confident that our prices are aligned to our market and strategy. We’ve seen significant improvements in our bottom line since integrating Product 360 into our tech stack.

Product 360’s Market Research and Assortment Planning features have completely transformed the way we approach product development and expansion. We now have deep insights into product demand by market, allowing us to develop targeted marketing campaigns and expand into new markets with confidence. Our growth has been remarkable since using Product 360.

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