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Technology | 5.10.23

Supercharge Sales with Promotional Intelligence

Spot Trends

As a grocer, you know the importance of staying competitive and attracting customers with the right promotions. Competing with new entrants and changing consumer preferences in today’s market can be challenging. Having the right toolset can make a real difference. Intrics Intelligence Platform’s latest module, Promotional Intelligence, is that toolset – a powerful tool that can help you navigate a database of promotional flyers and analyze your competitors’ promotions.

Here are three ways Promotional Intelligence can help you improve your promotional strategies:

Uncover New Opportunities for Your Circulars with Ad Review

Screenshots of retail circulars that compare similar promotions on the same items along with screenshots of Intrics' Promotional Intelligence platform with UPC-level data for each item linked to the promotion.

Promotional Intelligence’s Ad Review feature enables you to compare promotional strategies efficiently. Spot differences in competitive price points, product lines, and messaging for superior insights. You can quickly identify product and pricing trends and develop more innovative promotional campaigns. Ad Review can also help you spot new market opportunities. With Ad Review, you can get a more informed understanding of your competition.

For example, a competitor’s recent promotion offering huge savings nudged your customers away, leading to a sales slump. Using Ad Review, you can compare the promotion of this competitor to yours or other similar ones across markets quickly. Doing so lets you analyze their advertising and see what they did differently to impact sales. Afterward, use that information to optimize your promotional campaign while also surveying the market to see if a trend is emerging in product or pricing.


Create Targeted Promotions for Your Target Audience with Ad Block Review


Promotional Intelligence’s Ad Block Review feature enables in-depth promotional insights by interacting with our circular database. With Ad Block Review, you can take a deep dive into your competitor’s promoted items and see details of their promotions. Custom filters enable you to create targeted promotions that appeal directly to the right customers, helping bolster sales. You can negotiate better vendor deals using Ad Block Review and access robust pricing data while determining your competitor’s marketing investments.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Predict Emerging Trends to Bolster Your Promotional Campaigns


Promotional Intelligence’s in-depth insights enable you to stay ahead of the curve by identifying emerging customer preferences and market trends. As a result, you can optimize your promotions and remain a step ahead of your competitors, thereby securing a more extensive customer base.

Leveraging both Ad Review and Ad Block Review puts grocers at a significant advantage in a highly competitive space. By analyzing competitor promotions with Ad Review and creating targeted promotions with Ad Block Review, grocers can not only stay ahead of the competition but also achieve tangible results such as attracting and retaining customers and increasing sales. This approach also helps to establish as a credible and reliable brand in the minds of their customers.

Promotional Intelligence is an indispensable tool for grocers seeking to remain competitive. Notably, it provides useful insights into competitive circulars while detecting emerging customer preferences and market trends. By leveraging these insights, grocers can calibrate their strategy to better align with their customers, improving customer trust and increasing sales.

Promotional Intelligence: Final Thoughts


With Promotional Intelligence, grocers can react quickly to market changes and attract the right customers. The module is an essential tool for grocers seeking to remain relevant in today’s competitive marketplace. Schedule a demo today to experience Promotional Intelligence and Intrics Intelligence Platform‘s comprehensive list of features.

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