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Whether conducting research to develop new products or monitor the pricing of your own products – access wide-reaching market data is just a click away.

Empowering Brands with Trusted Data for Retail Success

Tailored product insights and analytics to empower your business, whether big or small, in addressing customers across all channels

Insights Acceleration

Through custom insights dashboards or ad hoc deliverables, your team can jump straight to the insights you need for monitoring competitiveness across your full assortment, key categories, and/or a top 100 KVI list.

Enterprise Growth

With over 30 years of industry expertise, our team can support your business in managing workloads or consulting organizational growth/change so you can focus on your customers.

Analytic Transformation

Dedicated teams of data scientists and software engineers provide our partners with a wide variety of technical solutions including strategic roadmaps, sourcing to full-service data architecture and maintenance.

Strategic Consulting

From pricing reviews, strategy development, and competitive price clustering analysis, Intrics guides your team to actionable insights grounded in trustworthy data.

The most customizable & actionable data for brands.









See how brands are leveraging Intrics’ Solutions

Monitor the market for new products.

Be the first to get the full picture on new products as they hit the shelf. With the ability to instantly access real-time national pricing data on any item, protecting your market share from the competition has never been easier. Whether it’s for due diligence while designing new products or keeping tabs on the competition, Intrics’ Intelligence Platform lets your team stay on top of the market.

Optimize trade spend to sell more product.

With first-of-its-kind item level search functionaility, Intrics offers visibility into exactly who and where your products are being promoted. Using the most granular circular intelligence offering on the market, your brand can plan more targeted promotional compaigns, analyze past circular performance, and monitor retailer compliance against the deals you negotiated. Building a network of retail partners who do the most to promote your products is now just a click away.

Real-time updates for your MAP compliance programs.

Head off any price erosion of your brand by using Intrics’ variety of price reporting to monitor prices across all retail partners. With an ability to set pricing alerts that notify you whenever prices drop below approved thresholds, your team can stay in charge of your brand image by maintaining consistent pricing.

Explore Our Suite of Solutions

Price Intelligence

Effortlessly visualize your competitive pricing data, and gain insights to make informed decisions—it’s the power of pricing at your fingertips.

Circular Intelligence

Browse our promotional circular database to track, download and gain competitor insights that maximize your sales potential.

Product Matching

Connect your products to competitors for a direct one-to-one comparison. Get ready for vendor negotiations on pricing, marketing, and much more.

Product 360

Visualize price trends, geographic representation, and retailer positioning to make informed decisions and optimize your assortment.

What our CPG brand clients say about Intrics

Samantha J.,

CPG Brand Manager

As a CPG brand, it’s crucial for us to track retailer ad placements to ensure our products are prominently featured on front pages and make sure that our ad spend is being allocated properly. Intrics’ Circular Intelligence tool has transformed the way we approach this task. Thanks to Intrics, we’ve been able to maximize our promotional spend while continuing to build strong relationships with our retail partners, resulting in increased visibility and sales for our products.

Product 360’s Market Research and Assortment Planning features have completely transformed the way we approach product development and expansion. We now have deep insights into product demand by market, allowing us to develop targeted marketing campaigns and expand into new markets with confidence. Our growth has been remarkable since using Product 360.

The Circular Intelligence module has allowed us to analyze competitor promotions effortlessly and make strategic decisions based on real-time data. The platform has become an indispensable tool in our day-to-day operations, driving sales, and giving us a competitive edge.

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