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Your retail partners want more than generic pricing recommendations – enhance your partnerships by using Intrics to supply highly relevant insights.

Our wholesale partners are relying on our partnership to maintain price zones from coast to coast

Market insights and analytics tailored to the strategies of your retail partners

Insights Acceleration

Through custom insights dashboards or ad hoc deliverables, your team can jump straight to the insights you need for monitoring competitiveness across your full assortment, key categories, and/or a top 100 KVI list.

Enterprise Growth

With over 30 years of industry expertise, our team can support your business in managing workloads or consulting organizational growth/change so you can focus on your customers.

Analytic Transformation

Dedicated teams of data scientists and software engineers provide our partners with a wide variety of technical solutions including strategic roadmaps, sourcing to full-service data architecture and maintenance.

Strategic Consulting

From pricing reviews, strategy development, and competitive price clustering analysis, Intrics guides your team to actionable insights grounded in trustworthy data.

Wholesaler pulls a pallet of product through a warehouse

The most actionable data for wholesalers









See how wholesalers are leveraging Intrics’ Solutions

custom reporting for wholesalers & co-ops

Customizable reporting for your unique partners.

With filtering options throughout Intrics’ reporting, your partners can orient the data in a way that matches their view of the market. From changing their focus competitors or seeing market level data that’s local to them – your partners will extract more value from data that aligns with their strategies.

Manage KVI lists across numerous retailers.

Juggling the variety of assortments and categories across your retail partners is simpler with Intrics’ Intelligence Platform. Whether it’s managing UPC lists of KVI’s, departments, brands, or category manager portfolios, our custom basket builder lets you view competitive data on any subset of items.

Wholesaler manage their KVI list with Intrics Intelligence Platform

See the opportunities for revenue growth more clearly.

With a variety of reporting across all products, Intrics has the visualizations to make your analysis easy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur growing with new talent, or a large enterprise with tenured workflows, our reporting was designed to complement your processes. Leveraging the relationships we’ve built with our retail partners over the past 30 years, our reporting was designed in partnership with actual pricing teams – meaning Intrics works for your day-to-day business needs.

Explore Our Suite of Solutions

Price Intelligence

Effortlessly visualize your competitive pricing data, and gain insights to make informed decisions—it’s the power of pricing at your fingertips.

Circular Intelligence

Browse our promotional circular database to track, download and gain competitor insights that maximize your sales potential.

Product Matching

Connect your products to competitors for a direct one-to-one comparison. Get ready for vendor negotiations on pricing, marketing, and much more.

Product 360

Visualize price trends, geographic representation, and retailer positioning to make informed decisions and optimize your assortment.

What our users say

Intrics’ Category Performance analysis has helped us to identify areas where we can improve our margins by adjusting our prices. The platform has been a valuable tool in our pricing strategy.

Intrics Intelligence Platform has been able to give us the insights we need price our products more competitively. Additionally, the platform has allowed us to plan more effective promotional campaigns, leading to better ROI and increased sales.

--Jessica K.,

Category Manager

The level of accuracy and detail in Intrics’ product linking database is already unparalleled in the industry, and with this new tool, we’ll be able to streamline our operations. I can’t wait to see how this will revolutionize our category strategy.

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