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Why leave money on the table when you can price fairly, capture more market share, and boost your revenue? Pricing and category teams use Intrics’ Price Intelligence to turn high-value insights into dollars.

Intrics helps your organization with

Competitive Price Monitoring

Price Exception Reporting

Data Accuracy

Ad Hoc Analysis

Competitive Index Tracking

Revenue Management

Create Precise, Real-Time Alerts

Our Price Intelligence platform makes it easy to create custom pricing alerts specifically tailored to match your unique market and catalog. These notifications are designed to give you timely and actionable insights related to how your product’s pricing is compared to the most recent competitive data. Stay updated and ahead of the curve, and never miss an opportunity to give customers the best price possible.

Market Level Insights

Understand how your catalog performs for your unique combination of markets and competitors with data available in every U.S. market across an ever-expanding selection of retailers. With multiple ways to view pricing data across a market, you’ll always have a representative sample that isn’t driven by the outlying prices of a single store.

Ad Hoc Data Supplies

Whatever pricing questions your team might have, answer them with the ability to access all the competitive data powering Intrics’ Price Intelligence visualizations and reporting. Whether pulling down data on a single product at a competitor or a unique basket across entire regions, Intrics’ self-service extract builder makes it easy to supply your organization with the data it needs to run competitive pricing strategies.

Explore Our Suite of Solutions

Intrics Intelligence Platform

Discover how our all-in-one suite of solutions provides robust insights for pricing, promotional, and assortment strategies – perfect for brands and retailers.

Circular Intelligence

Browse our promotional circular database to track, download and gain competitor insights that maximize your sales potential.

Product Matching

Connect your products to competitors for a direct one-to-one comparison. Get ready for vendor negotiations on pricing, marketing, and much more.

Product 360

Visualize price trends, geographic representation, and retailer positioning to make informed decisions and optimize your assortment.

What our users say about Intrics’ Price Intelligence Solutions

Travis K.,


I’ve been blown away by the results we’ve seen since implementing the Intrics Intelligence Platform into our operations. Our team can work more efficiently and make decisions based on real market data. With the competitive insights we’ve gained from the platform, we’ve simultaneously created better value for our customers and priced our products more competitively, which has led to a substantial increase in our bottom-line profits.

Intrics Intelligence Platform has been able to give us the insights we need price our products more competitively. Additionally, the platform has allowed us to plan more effective promotional campaigns, leading to better ROI and increased sales.

Antonio C.,

Sr. Pricing Analyst

As a pricing analyst, I’ve used a variety of competitive data platforms over the years, but Intrics Intelligence Platform is truly the best-in-class. The data insights are incredibly detailed and actionable, allowing us to make quick pricing decisions.

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