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Press Release | 1.09.24

Intrics Bolsters Retail Ecosystem Expertise with Executive Hire

Bill Senn joins Intrics as VP of Partnerships to expand retail ecosystem expertise.


Intrics is honored to announce the addition of Bill Senn to the company’s senior team in the role of Vice President of Partnerships. In his position, Senn will strengthen Intrics’ relationships with retailers and brands and drive new software-driven data solutions to market to meet the needs of modern retail professionals.

Prior to joining Intrics, Bill Senn was Vice President of Strategic Accounts at RJW Logistics, a supply chain solutions company, where he helped expand their consolidation partnerships to several of the largest North American retailers. Previously, Senn spent more than 15 years at Walmart and Sam’s Club across buyer, category management, and sales leadership roles. He also held global footprint positions at both retailer-facing and vendor-facing operations, sales, and marketing companies.

“We’re thrilled to have Bill Senn join our growing team. His expertise will be invaluable for our extensive product roadmap in the year ahead and our commitment to helping retail professionals answer the questions they face every day in their businesses, ” said RetailData and Intrics President and CEO Jacob Blondin.

The addition of Senn comes on the heels of our latest developments around unified pricing intelligence and product tracking as part of the Intrics Intelligence Platform. With the ability to access and analyze omni-channel price, promotional and assortment data, brands and retailers can improve their retail operations, sales, and customer experience. With a vision of helping any organization, large or small, make data-driven decisions, Intrics will continue to focus on self-serve capabilities, customizable data collection, and scalability.

Hear what Bill Senn had to say as he steps into his new role:

Welcome to Intrics, Bill! What are you most excited about in the year ahead for the retail industry? 

Bill: Retailers across North America are facing unprecedented pressures, such as providing their customers with the best price. Only Intrics, using information sourced by RetailData, can provide the insights and KPI metrics for retailers to stay on the cutting edge. I am most excited to share the exceptional tools Intrics will bring to the industry to support their tactical and strategic decisions in 2024.

As omni-channel complexity grows, there is no shortage of questions to be answered and data to be collected. What are some of the fundamentals that retail professionals should be thinking about? 

Bill: The list is long, but there are core knowledge-points you must bring to the table to be at the tip of the spear: for one, every retail pricing manager has to ask, “am I going to be a leader or a follower in price strategy?” In other words, is their leadership team investing in pricing to have strong enough margin room to really combat retail competitors’ micro and macro pricing fluctuations?  Either way, as leader or follower on pricing, trusting your data is tantamount to succeeding at any level, and that means 100% of the time knowing that the information shared by your data provider is rock solid and quality assured, including analysis against Pricing, Placement, Product selection and Promotion cycles.

What will you be focused on in your role as VP of Partnerships? 

Bill: First and foremost, I’ll be fulfilling the role of offering true, meaningful partnerships in retail excellence, unlike any other data, insights and strategy provider. Our team’s experience of what retailers actually need is unmatched in our field. We’ve lived the roles, not just read about them: we’ve been buyers at the top of the Fortune 10 retailers, so we know the everyday grind of being up to speed on competitors’ pricing and strategies. Only Intrics offers the depth of insights and metrics that we do, and my role is to ensure that we’re supporting our retail partners by operating side-by-side with them every day, at the level needed across the omnichannel platforms.

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