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The key to staying ahead of the market comes from quality data - but knowing exactly what to do with that data can feel daunting, especially for small businesses.

Intrics provides competitive pricing intelligence solutions that empower businesses to take a data-backed approach to their go-to-market strategy. Intrics is the first of its kind to offer both data and insights that effectively capture and understand our clients' unique marketplace and products. With the right data and the best tools, we help retailers stay ahead of the competition.

Intrics combines decades of technical and retail expertise to unlock the value of data, providing insights about customers, revenue channels and operations—all of which can be used to maximize profits.

Our Solutions

Addressing the industry's most complex challenges

Not all data is created equal. Our customers need actionable insights today. At Intrics, we're dedicated to working with each client to find the exact solutions that they need. Here are just a few of the solutions that we offer:

Data Science, Analytics & Consultation

Intrics uses the latest data technologies and techniques to help retailers quickly see local market trends and make immediate business decisions to maximize customer value.

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Turnkey Program Development & Implementation

Our ability to take responsibility for program architecture and delivery has proven to accelerate timelines and deliver tangible value to our retail customers.

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Studies & Research

Through our research, clients can better understand competitor behaviors and patterns, products and services, consumer sentiment, product or category performance, and broader channel performance.

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Operational Excellence & Efficiency

Our team of retail consultants and auditors partners with operational executives to build solutions to measure, monitor, and drive improved performance across the entire supply chain.

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Brand Position & Merchandising

Intrics’ unique ability to evaluate both brick-and-mortar and online brand performance in conjunction with consumer sentiment provides the truly omni-channel perspective you need to grow in an ever more complex retail environment.

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Interested in learning more about our solutions? Connect with us so we can share insights that will help drive your business. Or email us directly for a discussion.

Our Capabilities

A trusted process for managing data

We treat every customer as if they're our first, taking the time to learn your unique needs and challenges to find solutions that matter. At Intrics, we use our retail industry expertise and technical skills to build individualized tools to make your workload easier, faster, and more efficient.

Discovery / Requirement Definition

Not sure where to get started? Our team of expert consultants has the skills and technical capabilities necessary to find the solutions that best fit your unique needs.

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Retail data discovery

Data Collection & Aggregation

A solid market strategy means relying on solid data. Intrics has the unique capabilities to reliably capture vast amounts of data – both online and in-store – which is processed and expertly matched with your specific needs. This simplifies your operations processes and provides you with accurate, precise data to inform all of your business operations.

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Retail data aggregation

Data Conditioning & Attribution

When you’re running a business, you don’t have the time, energy, or overhead to spend hours trying to understand complicated spreadsheets. Intrics efficiently optimizes and matches our data to make sure we’re presenting you with the information that you actually need, giving you more valuable time to take care of other important matters.

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Retail data attribution

Scaled Data Engineering & Architecture

It’s a digital era – no need for expensive equipment. Intrics’ platform operates through the most advanced, secure cloud-based technologies for all of our data storage, modeling, and processing. Access our platform and see your valuable insights, anywhere, anytime.

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Scaled Data Engineering and Architecture for Retail

Interactive Platforms

We built our software with you in mind. Our highly interactive, intuitive platform is easy to implement into your regular workflow. Get started today!

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Interactive Platforms for Retail

Insights & Decision Augmentation

Learn how your products are indexed against your top competitors, visualize your category performance, measure customer loyalty, and evaluate your operations processes to inform your market strategy.

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check product indexing, category performance, customer loyalty, and evaluate your operations processes
Retail intelligence, analysis, and insight discovery

About Us

Why We're Here

We firmly believe that the tool should not define the process.

At Intrics, our mission is to put the data and insights into the hands of decision-makers to make their operations simpler, more efficient, and more competitive in an ever-changing market.

We're backed by pioneers in eCommerce and in-store intelligence, RetailData. Our retail experts saw that existing products and solutions didn't exist to make understanding data simple, and keeping up with the influx of data was too overwhelming for most independent retailers and small businesses to handle on their own. We saw the challenges that retailers face and developed Intrics as a software designed to support our customers' strategic decision-making, without changing their processes.

Our business was built on retail - but our expertise goes far beyond eCommerce. With Intrics, you have a partner with an unmatched history of using proven data science methods to address retail domain challenges. We go beyond data to give better, faster, and more actionable insights to guide your business decisions.

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