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Lean on our industry expertise as your own as you help clients navigate the complicated dimensions of retail.

Whether white labeling our solutions or passing along analytics, we’re partnering with consultants to affect industry change

Industry insights and analytics to make your team expert advisors

Insights Acceleration

Through custom insights dashboards or ad hoc deliverables, your team can jump straight to the insights you need for monitoring competitiveness across your full assortment, key categories, and/or a top 100 KVI list.

Enterprise Growth

With over 30 years of industry expertise, our team can support your business in managing workloads or consulting organizational growth/change so you can focus on your customers.

Analytic Transformation

Dedicated teams of data scientists and software engineers provide our partners with a wide variety of technical solutions including strategic roadmaps, sourcing to full-service data architecture and maintenance.

Strategic Consulting

From pricing reviews, strategy development, and competitive price clustering analysis, Intrics guides your team to actionable insights grounded in trustworthy data.

The most actionable data for consultants









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Due Diligence Research

Dive into the true performance of retailers and markets by establishing benchmarks for their competitiveness. With national market coverage, comparative data for all the biggest names in grocery, and solutions to address all the dimensions of retail, every aspect of a business can be examined. Leave no stone unturned during your research with solutions made to provide visibility into the retail industry.

Brand Image Consulting

Elevate your consultancy services for CPG brands by leveraging our advanced technology and analytics solutions. Our collaborative partnership equips you with the tools and data-driven insights needed to deliver unparalleled value and strategic excellence to your clients in the ever-evolving consumer goods industry. From small start-ups fighting to gain market share to nationally recognized brands looking to innovate, our solutions provide the market visibility CPG brands need.

Strategic Retailer Operations Consulting

Collaborating with our team of industry experts means you can offer comprehensive support in optimizing retailers’ strategic operations. From monitoring and implementing price adjustments to crafting compelling promotions and optimizing product assortments, our data-driven solutions ensure your clients maximize their business potential and stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

Explore Our Suite of Solutions

Price Intelligence

Effortlessly visualize your competitive pricing data, and gain insights to make informed decisions—it’s the power of pricing at your fingertips.

Circular Intelligence

Browse our promotional circular database to track, download and gain competitor insights that maximize your sales potential.

Product Matching

Connect your products to competitors for a direct one-to-one comparison. Get ready for vendor negotiations on pricing, marketing, and much more.

Product 360

Visualize price trends, geographic representation, and retailer positioning to make informed decisions and optimize your assortment.

What our users say

Antonio C.,

Sr. Pricing Analyst

As a pricing analyst, I’ve used a variety of competitive data platforms over the years, but Intrics Intelligence Platform is truly the best-in-class. The data insights are incredibly detailed and actionable, allowing us to make quick pricing decisions.

As an independent consultant, I’ve worked with many CPG brands to help them improve their marketing strategy. Intrics Circular Intelligence tool is one of the most powerful tools I’ve seen, and it’s helped my clients to achieve significant results.

Intrics’ Product Matching tool is one of the most powerful tools I’ve seen, and it’s helped my clients to achieve significant results. The tool uses a combination of machine learning and human-input to match products across retailers with incredible accuracy and detail.

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