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Maximize the effectiveness of your pricing strategy and assortment optimization using Intrics’ advanced product matching capabilities. Our state-of-the-art technology and tailored approach deliver unmatched accuracy in product linking, empowering you to make data-driven decisions confidently. Experience the Intrics difference and elevate your retail strategy today – are you ready to unlock your full potential?

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Private Label Matching

1:1 Matching

Data Normalization & Equivalization

Fully Customizable Product Matching Definitions

Why settle for generic matching when you can tailor it to your unique assortment? With Product Matching, you’re in the driver’s seat of defining acceptable links with an ability to control item matches based on every product attribute available in our universal product catalog. Lead your business to better decision-making and increased profitability with increased ease and precision in your product matching process.

Equivalized Data Across All Modules

With our fully integrated suite of tools, the matches you make once carry over to every report and module available in our Intelligence Platform. Whether checking prices or promotions, you will always see the competitive items that match to your catalog. And to make sure the insights are useful, we’ll equivalize your competitor’s data so you aren’t stuck doing the math. It’s all part of our process to make actionable insights easier to come by.

User-friendly Interface

Creating strong matches is a vital process for any competitive strategy, which is why we took the time to develop a user-friendly experience that makes the process more intuitive. With high resolution images of the products you’re matching to, making more informed matches is easier than ever.

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What our users say about Intrics’ Product Matching solutions

Travis K.,


I’ve been blown away by the results we’ve seen since implementing the Intrics Intelligence Platform into our operations. Our team can work more efficiently and make decisions based on real market data. With the competitive insights we’ve gained from the platform, we’ve simultaneously created better value for our customers and priced our products more competitively, which has led to a substantial increase in our bottom-line profits.

Comparing our private-label items to similar items from multiple retailers has always been a challenge. We need to make sure our products are priced competitively and positioned correctly in the market. That’s why we’re thrilled to have discovered Intrics’ Product Matching tool.

Vendor Relationship Management has never been easier, thanks to Product 360. Comparing our price points to competitors has allowed us to negotiate better deals with our vendors because we are now confident that our prices are aligned to our market and strategy. We’ve seen significant improvements in our bottom line since integrating Product 360 into our tech stack.

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