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Intrics’ unique ability to evaluate both brick-and-mortar and online brand performance in conjunction with consumer sentiment provides the truly omni-channel perspective you need to grow in an ever more complex retail environment.

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Brand Positioning

Stay in control of your brand positioning with a 360-degree overview.

Are you confident your brand has a solid competitive positioning amidst increasing competition? Do you have a well-thought-out pricing strategy that aligns with the needs and expectations of your customers? Are you aware of your top-selling products and what makes them so sought after by your customers?

Ensure your brand stays competitive and reaches your target audience with a well-thought-out brand positioning strategy. Intrics’ omnichannel brand solution empowers you to monitor key performance indicators such as product availability, shelf positioning, promotional placement, and more. 

Create effective marketing strategies that communicate your brand promise, differentiate your brand, and keep customers loyal. With Intrics, you can feel confident that you are maximizing your brand across every channel while staying competitively priced and consistently promoted.


Stand Out in Your Market

Competitive Tracking

Know exactly what your position is in your market. Our price indexing tool gives real-time insights into how your prices compare to your leading competitors so you can be sure you’re offering your high-quality products and services at competitive prices. Understand whether you’re leading the market in competitive pricing or if you’re leaving money on the table.

Get the answers you need to keep your customers loyal to your store and protect your brand with Intrics’ pricing intelligence platform and brand positioning solutions, helping you identify opportunities to fine-tune your brand positioning strategy and optimize your margins. Leverage your customer service insights to gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the mind of your target customer so you can gain the best competitive advantage.


Monitor Prices

Gain insight into your competitive landscape and know where your store stands in your market.

Analyze Trends

Identify pricing, promotional, and assortment trends and make informed decisions across your supply chain to keep your customers engaged and boost sales.

Identify Promotional Opportunities

Create data-driven campaigns to drive customer interest and promote key products. Learn to increase traffic, boost sales, and grow your customer loyalty. 

Competitive Advantage

Create better marketing strategies and gain valuable insights into your competitors’ activities to stay ahead of the market by providing your area’s leading assortment and service offerings.




Our Solutions

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