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Press Release | 10.18.21

From data pioneers to data science solution experts – introducing Intrics

Today RD Holdings, the parent company behind pricing intelligence pioneer RetailData, is announcing the launch of a new data analytics company: Intrics.

Intrics brings data intelligence

RICHMOND, VA, Oct. 18, 2021 – Today RD Holdings, the parent company behind pricing intelligence pioneer RetailData, is announcing the launch of a new data analytics company: Intrics. 

Intrics was established in direct response to the challenges retailers are facing in effectively leveraging ever-increasing data volumes to support competitive visibility and strategic decision making. Intrics combines expertise in data science and analytics with industry domain knowledge to unlock and enable any data source for pricing, marketing, and operations teams in the grocery, general merchandise, and specialty retail industry segments. 

“We have mastered and adapted to every retail intelligence and data science challenge for more than 30 years and specifically, we successfully transitioned to a big-data world with advanced data architecture and applications,” said RetailData and Intrics President and CEO Jacob Blondin. “We launched Intrics to provide custom solutions and services to clients who are challenged with making this same transition.”

Blondin noted that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the retail industry’s transition from brick-and-mortar locations to e-commerce operations. Part of Intrics’ core mission is to help clients understand the full picture of competitors’ in-store and online offerings. Additionally, Intrics accurately and reliably captures a huge amount of data, which its engineers and analysts combine with its clients’ own figures to build custom retail intelligence solutions.

Intrics’ overall solutions include analytics and consultation; turnkey program development and implementation; studies and research; operation and efficiency; and brand position and merchandising. With countless options for data analysis and insights, Intrics finds the solution that works for the exact requirements of each client.

“In recent years, the retail industry has experienced massive shifts, in both the amount of data available and the way shoppers interact with the buying experience,” Blondin added. “Many data companies don’t consider those nuances. Intrics does. The challenge lies in refining raw data effectively and efficiently to capture business intelligence and help organizations act decisively to changing customer and market dynamics. We are at the forefront of data validation in this new landscape.”

Intrics has recently worked with leading national and regional retailers on solutions including full custom application development of a price management and product catalog, comprehensive analysis of a competitors pricing strategy and clustering, e-commerce benchmarking study across a wide range of competitive platforms, full competitive assortment analysis, and more. 

Intrics is a multinational company with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, and offices throughout North America to support client engagement, as well as a large team in India to support product development. Our international reach enables us to efficiently and cost effectively deliver intelligence solutions and augmentation of capabilities to our clients.

To learn more about Intrics, visit or contact Lee Kallman, senior vice president for Client Insights & Engagement, at (804) 678-7298 or

About Intrics

Founded in 2021, Intrics is at the forefront of retail intelligence, analysis, and insight discovery.

The company’s custom solutions include consultation and program development for the retail industry and are powered by the long-trusted data science expertise of industry pioneer and sister company RetailData. Jacob Blondin, recently named to Virginia Business’s Virginia 500: The 2021 Power List, serves as CEO for both RetailData and Intrics. 

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