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Intrics’ unique ability to evaluate both brick-and-mortar and online brand performance in conjunction with consumer sentiment provides the truly omni-channel perspective you need to grow in an ever more complex retail environment.

Get a 360-degree view of how your brand is positioned

Brand position is a fundamental factor in a company’s success, representing the unique position you want to own in your target consumer’s mind. It includes the four Ps—place, price, product, and promotion—which remain central across all channels.

Yet the ability to monitor and manage that position has changed drastically in recent years as the number of channels has exploded, customer sentiment is influenced continuously, and competition for share of consumer imprints has escalated significantly.

Common merchandising factors such as facings, shelf position, aisle position, displays, and promotional presentation have taken far broader definitions when considering online presentations of your brand. You can see brands merchandised eight to ten times across a given retailer’s site—increasing customer capture and revenues. In other instances, we see brands miscategorized—or worse, not categorized at all—materially reducing the likelihood of a consumer finding your brand.

When brands are not categorized, they can have a near-zero chance of capturing the sought-after switch customer from a competitor.

Intrics’ omni-channel brand solution leverages our specialized capability to monitor fundamental merchandising KPIs across all available channels—both in-store and online.

Our Solutions

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