SaaS Solution to Improve Your Retail Market Strategy

How well do you really understand your local market and competition? Intrics has a SaaS Solution that compares your store's catalog and offers immediate, actionable insights against your top competitors. Track your pricing index, competitive positioning, and industry metrics for your unique market—all in the same place.

Discover Intrics' SaaS Solution

See what Intrics' SaaS Solution can do for you

A SaaS solution unlike anything else on the market that allows you to upload and manage your store's catalog, view your pricing index against top competitors, gain insights into top categories or product performance, and provides you with actionable insights to optimize your business market strategy.

Become a Retail Leader

  • Access top-industry retail data and insights
  • Interactive, intuitive platform set to your market
  • Compare your product catalog to top competitors
  • Optimize your business to drive sales and increase profits
  • What Our SaaS Solution Offers


    Intrics has the unique capabilities to reliably capture and process vast amounts of data – both in-store, and online – to expertly match your specific needs. Our goal is to simplify your operations processes and provide you with the most accurate data to inform all your business decisions. 


    Intrics efficiently matches our data to your products and unique market to provide visualizations that are easy to understand, giving you more time to take care of more important matters. 


    View how your entire catalog performs against your top competitors – gain insights on category performance, create custom baskets, and monitor product performance all within one intuitive tool. 

    Your Processes

    We built our software with you in mind. Our highly interactive, intuitive platform is easy to implement into your regular workflow.


    Cloud-Based Tool

    Access Intrics from anywhere, at any time.

    Custom Regions

    Get data that matters to you—view your region, DMA, or surrounding counties.

    Intuitive Workflows

    Intrics walks you through the steps you need to completely answer your market questions.

    Interactive Maps & Charts

    Determine your store's pricing index, competitive positioning, and more.

    Competitive Tracking

    View our list of the nation's leading retailers and their latest pricing information, so you can put your strategic plans into action.

    Custom Baskets

    Track pricing index, positioning, and performance of your top items against your competition

    How It Works

    Schedule a Demo

    We'll work with you to determine what your top goals are and show you how Intrics can help.


    We'll help you and your team get setup in the tool, and train you on how to use it.

    Save Time & Money

    Intrics will save you time sorting through spreadsheets and help you make data-driven decisions to supercharge your retail strategy.

    Feeling Overwhelmed by Pricing Spreadsheets?

    You shouldn't have to be.
    Resources & Articles

    How ‘Shrinkflation’ is Changing the Retail World

    Curious to see how quickly—and to what effect—shrinkflation is taking over grocery store shelves, Intrics reviewed data collected from grocery stores nationwide. From October 2021 through June 2022, we followed one of PepsiCo’s popular sports drinks, Gatorade. Our goal was to see how the company has changed its product pricing and assortment using shrinkflation methods.

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